I made a sort of darkwave thing in my MIDI class. This is that thing. Also, MIDI’s pretty neat. 

Finnegan’s Wake - Danny Barringer 

 ~ I wanted to do a version of this wonderful traditional, so I did ~

In Your Room - The Sleepy Shapes

Originally by Depeche Mode. My lovely little lady loves this song, so I did my own version of it for her. 

Lovesong - Danny Barringer

Originally by The Cure

Thursday marked the first anniversary of the night that the sweetest, cutest, and most beautiful girl I have ever had the privilege to lay eyes on became the center of my world. I recorded this for her.

In Heaven - Danny Barringer

Written by Peter Ivers for the David Lynch film Eraserhead.

With Halloween just around the corner, I think I’ll start getting in the spirit and post some of my spookier tracks…

The Sleepy Shapes - Come Out Ye Black and Tans

Written by Dominic Behan

Cory and Danny Barringer - Wild World by Cat Stevens 

My brother and I just did this today as a present to my mom for her birthday. She cried. 

Unplugged Magazine September 2013 (#9)

We’re famous! 

Another mildly disturbing comic. 
Sylvia’s Wasteland: Heaven

Another mildly disturbing comic. 

Sylvia’s Wasteland: Heaven